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Ethan and Raja evangelizingMaking the Word Known features Ethan Longhenry and Raja Sandor. Ethan serves as the evangelist for the Venice church of Christ in Los Angeles, California, and previously served in a similar capacity in Illinois and Ohio; Raja spent many years working in evangelism there as well as in Florida and Ohio.

We have both been active in various forms of evangelism: table campaigns, college Bible studies, community Bible studies, Bible correspondence courses, invite friends and family to assembly, special events at assemblies, door knocking, websites, social media, etc. We both believe strongly that many of the lessons we have learned ought to be proclaimed far and wide among fellow Christians, not because they are groundbreaking or revolutionary, but so that others may not make the same mistakes we have made.

We have also greatly enjoyed opportunities to work and talk with fellow Christians who are active in evangelism and to learn from them what has worked well and what challenges they have endured. We felt this way especially about evangelism campaigns wherein a few preachers would come together and work a particular community. All involved would be edified; would it not be great to expand that edification to a national (or even international) audience?

To these ends Making the Word Known is about evangelism: its importance, its methodology, its pitfalls. We sometimes talk about the things we have learned; we seek to ground the conversation in Scripture; we take advantage of opportunities to interview fellow Christians active in evangelism to glean some wisdom.

We invite you to join our conversation and hope and pray you are built up in your faith and encouraged to more effectively proclaim and promote the Gospel in your own life!


Do you have any questions or comments? Would you like to hear a particular subject addressed? Please let us know!

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