Podcast #11: Interview with Ray Ferris

The eleventh podcast of Making The Word Known is now available!

Ethan recently had the privilege of discussing evangelism with Ray Ferris, a gospel preacher who labored for many years in the upper Midwest. It was an honor to sit at his feet and learn from his experiences; we hope you find it profitable as well!

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Podcast #11: Interview with Ray Ferris

One thought on “Podcast #11: Interview with Ray Ferris

  1. I enjoyed the interview with brother Ferris. I grew up in the Oak Grove area that Brother Ferris spoke of, near St. James, Missouri. Often, while I was growing up, brother Ferris would give sermons and gospel meetings at the St. James and Oak Grove churches. I must say he is my favorite gospel preacher and have told him the same. As is his nature, he is being very humble in the interview. Those that know him can attest to the many souls that have heard the gospel because of his labors in the Lord’s vineyard. He had a huge impact on me while I was growing up. I would sit astonished at his ability to declare the truth and to quote scripture through entire sermons. He had a very powerful and mighty way of declaring the powerful and mighty Word of God. I will always think fondly of the bed sheet charts he would bring with him to aid in his sermons. Simply put he spoke the truth. If we will do the same today, and in the future, then many souls will be saved.

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